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Thursday, January 15, 2009


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Tom Curran

Kristi, thanks for keeping us up to speed on this.

Fine Estate

It's not very complicated, and like most things there are two sides to this...

To all amateur dealers every where: Learn by studying...never assume your "Stuff" is "Junk."

Ask a lot of people for their opinions - questions like -

I am not wanting to sell these photos at this time, however I am interested in your opinion about the artist, and their values...


It's crazy I know, I want to add these photos to my collection, do you have any idea who might have taken them?

Being able to add a name to anything - especially an art piece, or a collectible, can add an immense monetary value to the object...

Get the name, and until you do, hold onto the object...

It seems to me that Robert Langmuir, a book dealer, played his cards too shrewdly...and then he got bit in the a**...

An estate liquidator who I learned a great deal from when I first started in this business said - "Imagine reading about your actions in tomorrow’s newspaper." I bet Mr. Langmuir wishes his actions were not read about in the paper or his exploits revealed on this or any other blog.

It's likely that Mr. Langmuir first purchase, represented his taking a risk...I mean Diane Arbus's work is very distinctive, but he was probably uncertain if the photos he was purchasing, were truly by her.

By his second purchase, he knew exactly who shot the photos, that’s why he went back...cuz he knew...and that's what is likely to stain his reputation.

Have valuables? Seek out and find an advocate...pay them...the peace of mind will be worth it.

Martin Codina
Fine Estate Liquidation


Thanks Martin, this is really informative and balanced.

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